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Welcome to our English version of Claai Sabaai Thai Massage Amersfoort. Our massage spa and wellness salon is located at the Bergstraat 22 in Amersfoort. Claai Sabaai is the best address for a real Thai Traditional Massage. We also have other Thai massage treatments in our package.




Opening hours & contact

Claai Sabaai Thai Massage Amersfoort

  • Monday from 12:00 till 20:00 
  • Tue. t/m Fri. from 10:30 till 20:00
  • Saterday from 10:30 till 17:30
  • Monday and Tuesday only with reservation
  • 29- July to 11 august closed due to holiday






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You can make an online reservation or contact us by mob. / Whatsapp or email. Monday and Tuesday only with a reservation.


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A Thai Massage is speciaal… Also speciaal for you.

  • Give yourself a moment of well-deserved rest to bring your body and mind back into balance.
  • Even during a busy period with tension or stress, a Massage gives a peaceful and relaxed feeling.
  • If you have pain complaints, a Thai massage certainly offers a solution.
  • A short massage is also possible … Delightful after shopping or work.
  • By taking a Massage regularly, you remain healthy, vital and energetic. Both physically and mentally.






A Thai Massage is phenomenal 

  • This massage method is one of the world’s oldest healing methods.
  • Approx. Developed 2500 years ago and is still phenomenal today
  • Part of the Thai Medical Tradition and still part of Thailand’s medical system.
  • With a Thai Massage, various complaints can be remedied or alleviated.


You will notice that after a massage your complaints will be clearly reduced. or even disappeared.

(Also consult your doctor for persistent or recurring pain complaints)








Effectiveness of a Thai Massage

  • Thai massage prevents and remedies both physical and psychological symptoms and gives a deep meditative relaxation.
  • Stress and chronic fatigue can be remedied with a Thai massage.
  • They allow your body to harmonize, blockages are removed and shortcomings along the energy lines are eliminated.
  • The blood circulation and the lymph node system are optimized, resulting in a better functioning immune system.
  • The Thai Massage provides relaxation of the tissues in the same way. (skin, muscles, nerves and joints)
  • The energy balance in the body is improved by the massage.



Your body needs a massage

If you have muscle/pain complaints, stress or feel tired? Often your body is not in balance.  The cause of your complaints are not always where you experience the complaints. With a Thai massage, your whole body will be massaged to treat every obstacle in your body.

After the massage you feel yourself reborn, you have a lot of energy and a wonderful tingling sensation all over your body. You body is more in balance again.

In summary, your body needs a massage in its time.


You are very welcome in our massagesalon.


Sincerely, Sawasdee Ka,

Claai Sabaai Thaise Massage Amersfoort

Suree Nedniyom.

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Vacature – Vacancy – ตำแหน่งว่าง

Massage therapist/ พนักงานนวด

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We also have gift vouchers

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ATTENTION: Absolutely no erotic massages!
Traditional Thai Massage has nothing to do with that!


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Claai Sabaai Thaise massage Gastenboek Feel free to write a review
Claai Sabaai Thaise massage Gastenboek Feel free to write a review

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We hope to see you soon in our Massagesalon.

Sawasdee ka.


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